Adventures On Planet Procgue An online game.
Orakel The Orakel gives you a healthy dose of random advise. (dutch).
Oracle The Orakel gives you a healthy dose of random advise, but this time in English.
Instant Adventures Instant Adventures creates a fantastic scenario on the fly for you to explore.
Minimal Music For Mindless Meditation Free music, that is.
TOTALITY Online TOTALITY Online is a search engine based on the complete works of Jack Vance.
Foreverness Foreverness: The VIE Resource Site.
The Impacticule of the Laughing Gift Jack Vance's third installment of Cugel's Saga?
Fantasy Names Generator Generate fantasy names. (or: fantasy names galore!)
Sjato Kronieken The online magazine of the V.B.I.C. (dutch)
maps, mechanics and musings A blog that focusses on role playing games, map making and other creative stuff.
Zeep! Since 1997 the website to learn to make soap yourself. (dutch) Official Website of Jack Vance. High quality e-books, images and info.
free mp3 ringtones No naked chicks inside. Just some sounds.